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Date: Wed, Nov 25, 2020 at 9:36 AM
Subject: Please Pray with Me....
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My Dear Sisters and Brothers,


Happy Thanksgiving!!!  This has been a difficult year for all of us.  Sometimes it is hard to see the blessing in situations, but they are there.  I want to share a story that was a reminder for me that God has a plan and He is with us always.  


My friend got the Corona virus and after being home for a few days, she had trouble breathing and was taken to the hospital.  She was in the emergency room for days before they had an available room for her.  She was improving and they said she could go home this coming week.  During the night the nurse came in to check on her and noticed half of her face was drooping.  She had a stroke.  There was a blood clot that went to the brain so they did emergency surgery.  That was yesterday, and she is resting comfortably.    I was devastated when I heard this.  What else could happen to her!  As my friend Annie told me the details, she said "isn't God good...  He brought her to the hospital so she would be there when the blood clot broke loose.  If she was home, no one would have known and she may not be alive today.  Isn't God good...


Dear Lord, sometimes we forget you are with us and you have a plan for us.  You never forsake us in our time of need.  Thank you for taking care of my friend.  Thank you for all the blessings in my life.  Lord, I'll be honest, working through my grief this holiday season I was having trouble seeing them.  I was wallowing a bit in self pity.  Poor me...  This was a wake-up call for me to remember all that I have.  My family, my friends, social security so I don't have to worry about losing my job.  I have a roof over my head and food on my table.  And, Lord I am so grateful for all my friends in the Council of Catholic Women, who pick me up when I am down and love me with all my deficiencies.


Lord, we ask you to bless Bishop Dewane, Father Joe, and all those seeking the religious life.  Bless, Barbara's family, Emily, Keith and all those who have the corona virus.  Bless those who are suffering with illness, depression, and fear of the future.  Lord, let them feel your embrace.  Help us to be  your hands, feet and heart and reach out to them.  And Lord, we know you love us and will take care of us no matter what.  Thank you for our lives and our journey.  We are all so different and on different roads, but we are all one in your love.  We ask all these things in Jesus' name.  Amen


Take time now to list at least 5 things you are grateful for - and thank God for your special journey.



Ellen Bachman




Anna Rybicki - Communications Director-Emails