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Venice Diocesan Council of Catholic Women of FL


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What is the Box of Joy?

It is a program sponsored by Cross Catholic Outreach and adopted as a SERVICE PROJECT 2020 by Venice Council of Catholic Women (VDCCW) and their affiliate Council of Catholic Women (CCW) parish groups. This SERVICE PROJECT is managed by our own Becky Harper from Cape Coral, FL.

The plan is to send Christmas gifts to children in developing countries. The boxes can be sent in through groups or by individuals. The box is the size of a shoe box. There is a list of what can be placed in this gift box. Families can work on these projects. Handmade items and pictures can be placed. One box for a girl 4-6 or boy, 6-10. Please contact Becky Harper if you wish to participate. Please inform Becky how many boxes you want to make and Becky will get the boxes to you. You just load them up with acceptable items. No chocolate and no liquids. Each donor will include $9 with each of their boxes and that money is used to pay for shipping. If there is any money left over, it is given to the priests and the nuns in that mission.

Box of Joy is simple, fun and safe.

Safe Social Distance Guidelines for Box of Joy

Thank you for putting your faith in action and giving a precious gift of hope to little ones who need it the most! Box of Joy has a material and spiritual impact on poor children in developing countries. For many of these children, a Box of Joy will be their first Christmas gift As the coronavirus continues to spread, children in developing countries need your support and the reassurance that they are loved by God! Cross Catholic Outreach continues spreading the joy of the Gospel and distributes boxes of joy by following local guidelines in the developing countries we serve.

We believe in the urgency of reaching communities with the eternal hope of the Gospel, especially in these uncertain times.

We strongly encourage packing parties to follow local government guidelines. If your church’s or group’s Box of Joy goal is impacted by COVID-19, each participating organization could consider developing procedures for a touch-free experience for donors. If group activities are not possible, families can pack their boxes at home and bring them to the drop-off location. Some participants may want to consider Create-A-Box Online. (The Create-A-Box Online cost is: $25 per box + $9 shipping)

The health and safety of our staff, local partners and beneficiaries are of utmost importance to us. Cross Catholic Outreach will continue to monitor COVID-19 trends around the world. In addition, we are working directly with our international partners to assess ongoing ministry activity with some modifications according to local government guidelines. If local restrictions make it impossible for children to gather for a distribution celebration, the Boxes of Joy will be delivered to their homes by volunteers.

Should participants be shopping for Box of Joy gift items during this time?

The Cross Catholic Outreach Box of Joy team encourages everyone to follow local guidelines and use personal discretion when shopping for gift items. Many stores are opening around the country, and online shopping is a popular method for participants.

Does the virus change what we can or should pack this year?

At this time, there are no changes to what can and can’t be packed in Box of Joy gifts this year. A current list of suggested gift items can be found on this page. Hand soap is already on this list but is now needed more than ever. (No liquids or anything considered liquid such as shampoo, conditioners, nail polish, hand sanitizer, or hand lotions may be used, no chocolates or food).

Becky Harper is the Service Chair responsible for this project for our VDCCW. Please email her at [email protected] with any other questions (or if you as an individual would like to contribute even if your parish CCW has declined the invitation).

Becky’s home parish is St. Therese in Cape Coral. Becky will provide the shoe box and the check envelope to you when you email her to participate. Collections are November 11-17 in Ft. Myers, so Becky will collect prior to those dates and will be the contact person to get the items down to Ft. Myers,

Please email Becky if you wish to donate or participate whether as individual or as a CCW group. It can be one box per person, a couple of friends or a Christmas family project. The commitment per 12 x 5” shoe box filled and a and $9. check payable to Cross Catholic Outreach or a total check of $34 for online box (includes the $9 postage).

Boxes should be labeled Boy or girl and a two year span of age, i.e., Girl 4-6, Boy 7-10.

Any money left over after the collection period will be sent to the priests and nuns who run the various missions and orphanages.