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Received from Lucy Blair 3/15/20

Miriam, Mike, Chuck, CJ, Lisa, Steve, Joanne, Diane, Roseann, Patty

for a very special intention

Esther, Gloria, Peggy, Char, Colleen, Theresa, Christie, Sue, Francine, Karen, Nancy, Gail, Dottie, Bruna, Pat, Bob, John, Severino, and all widows/widowers

Santa, Patrick, Kevin, Joanne, Christine

for the success of the CFA campaign

Coletta, Sr. Bernadine, Sr. Irene, Fr. Felix, Sr. Rosemarie, Anita

Tom, Barbara, Linda, Dawn, Mary, Pete and family

Fr. Art, Fr. Bob

Donald, Erin and Audrey- all cancer

Becky, Jennifer, for healing, compassion, and reconciliation, and conversion of heart

For a great granddaughter with leukemia

Katie, George and MaryAnn- healing and comfort

For the soul of Lois Meyer, and her husband Bob who is having surgery

For all those infected with the corona virus, their families and caregivers

For a cure for cancer, and for infectious diseases

For all those who have received prayer blankets

Terri Jackman, Resurrection Choir

For a severly autistic boy who needs extensive and painful dental work and for his grandparents and family

Rose- special Intentions, Grace- job, Pierre- forgiveness

Paula- recovering from a severe car accident

Bob Meyer- recovery from a fall

for the safety of our priests, ministers, health care workers, and all whose safety is threatened by caring for the sick

Bill Sadler- for a peaceful death and for calm for all who love him

Margaret Johum- surgery

Phyllis, Jeanne M Lane, Jerry and Eric

Provencher, Sasserville, Barron, Pearce families

Terry Moser- special intention


for all church members to stay well

for the soul of Michael Eisenbaugh

Skip S, Bev G, Ed Plitt

Josh and Justin

Michele, Paula, Henry, Chris, Julia, Sherry, Eddie, Elizabeth, Barb E, Barb S, Barb A, Liz, Shirley, Bernice, Carla, Jen, Julie

Healing and Health for Jim Corrente,

for our families

Peter, Mazrc, Mordlyne, Pierre

Shelly Proa- strength during difficult times

Karen Wright- loss of a sister this week

for a brother and brother-in-law both with cancer

for all those facing alcohol problems and relationship problems

Greg Lockear, Brad Robling, Jan Polasky’s mother – all cancer

Pat Wenz, Jay Zimmerman- Parkinson’s, Tim Manna- cancer

Luiza Teixeira

Kristianne Ayson- died from complications of childbirth, for her baby, and for her family

Elden Wick- broken ribs from a fall

Please also pray for those who are isolated, either by sickness or by precautionary measures, that despite their solitude,

they will feel connected to the rest of the Body of Christ, and assured that they are loved and cared for.